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Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training

The History of Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training was developed over 50 years ago in Berlin by Johannes Schultz. It is a process that enables individuals to let go of old behavioural patterns and beliefs and substitute them with new ones, so that they can function in a more balanced and harmonious manner.
How does it work?
The body-mind system is designed to operate in stable environment. When disharmony occurs, an individual may develop neurotic diseases and phobias which manifest in insecurity, stress, and excesses in activities like work, sleep, sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, fear and worry.
With the aid of a number of mental exercises, Autogenic Training helps the client to access the subconscious mind where the problems are stored so that the block from the body-mind can be released, and then replaced with a new thought pattern or “suggested” state of being. This occurs because the brain cannot distinguish between a real experience and a concept and will therefore easily accept the new programme.
Autogenic discharges, which take place during the releasing session, may cause temporary twitches in the muscles or create an awareness of unusual feelings.
The benefits of Autogenic Training

• Improves health and wellbeing
• Helps one to deal with unresolved emotional issues
• Improves concentration
• Increases energy levels
• Treats a wide range of ailments including depression, pre-menstrual tension, ulcers, sleep disorders, stuttering, anxiety and circulatory problems
• Helps those who want to lose weight, stop smoking or overcome the fear of flying

What to expect during a consultation

Sessions may take place on a one-on-one basis or within a group setting. The practitioner consults with the client to determine the exact nature of the problem at a subconscious level, and then helps them to train the mind so that it can accept a new set of instructions that will promote wellness, healing and increased relaxation.

While autogenic training is effective in reducing stress, tension, and anxiety, it is not recommended for people with severe mental disorders. It is advisable to go for a complete physical examination before starting the training, and those who suffer from diabetes, hypoglycaemia, heart conditions and high or low blood pressure, should consult with their Doctor first.

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