This week’s tarot message 31 July to 6 August 2018

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Circumstances that may have robbed you from your personal power may come up for review and release. This isn’t a time to get totally embroiled in the experiences of your past but rather to view them objectively and make the choice that you now have the power to let them go. 

Someone from your past may re-enter your life or an issue may come up that will remind you of a situation that you haven’t dealt with properly.  There may be stored emotions in your body from past experiences that you need to let go of in order to live a healthier more fulfilled future. 

When we have emotions that are stuck in the body from things that happened at various ages, they actually create a trigger for other situations that are similar. So if there is something that you lack with regard to self-belief for example, then you’ll keep on attracting those circumstances where you will perpetuate the sense of a lack of self-belief. Your world will mirror and amplify your blocks and shortcomings until you make the choice to let them go. 

Areas of imbalance may also be due to a lack of sufficient vitamins or not following a healthy diet. When your physical body is strong and healthy and gets enough sleep, then you’ll be able to resolve your emotional challenges with greater ease. 

 Please feel free to email me or message me with your symptoms and I can check with muscle testing which vitamins may be short or lacking in your body or which chakras need cleansing. Please message me at or whatsapp on 083 258 4497

The supporting card for this reading is:
The Empress
The Empress card is number three in the tarot deck and represents passion, creativity and sensual involvement with the world.  This card signifies being at one with nature and is the source of all living things.  The Empress can also  symbolize birth, motherhood, new life and personal fulfillment.  She urges us never to lose sight of our roots even though  we can easily be swayed by superficial and material rewards.    When this card appears, domestic harmony and protection are present.  This card can also mean that there is the birth of a new venture or project which will fare well.     You are however guided to watch your finances carefully.    The empress can also be a woman who comes across as a mother figure and is there to protect and guide you.    It can appear when you are soon to become a parent or when a close friend or relative is about to have a child.  It’s also a favourable card if you have started a new love affair or are thinking of getting married because it suggests that the relationship will be happy, satisfying and long-lasting.  It is equally good if you are thinking of moving house because it indicates that things will turn out well.  

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