Tarot message for the week of 15 January to 22 January 2018

It may seem as though your personal values are being tested or that they are being brought into the limelight by those around you. Some may question your ways or actions although you feel that what you are doing is right.  Even though it may feel this way, you are not under attack! Its merely your higher spirit/guidance showing you where you need to fine tune who you are or really stand in your power and own what you believe. When you have complete faith and trust in yourself, nothing can shake your foundations or mess with what you believe is true in your heart. 

With the knowledge that whatever you decide to do, is right for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, it’s time to take those blinkers off and step into new frontiers and adventures. 
This may also be a time of being tested within your relationships with others and how you fare in terms of standing in your power in the face of situations that bring about feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and indecision. The minute you start to feel this way, you can be sure that you are giving your power to the situation or the person that you are dealing with. Take a step back and assess what’s going on. Ask yourself why you are feeling this way, how are you giving your power to the situation and what steps can you take to take your power back. How can you handle the situation so that you and the other person go away feeling strong and in charge of the outcome. 

The beginning of 2018 brings with it new opportunities for work, relationships and alternative ways of thinking. Get a dream diary and make a note of your dreams as they are going to give you some guidance into the emotional issues that you are dealing with. Make a note of who was involved in the dream, what you saw, the environment and what you felt. Then see how the information in the dream connects with various areas of your life and what it is that you are working through in your night time visions. 

Make sure that you get second opinions on important choices and decisions as you may find that some initial advice is not in your best interest. Trust your intuition! It is going to guide you through the difficult times.

The supporting card for this reading is :
The Hermit
The Hermit is illustrated as an old man wrapped in long robes reminiscent of a monk.  He clutches a staff and holds a lamp in front to guide him on his way.   He symbolizes the search for truth and the discarding of all distractions.  This card suggests that there is a need for solitude and to give yourself time to reflect and contemplate.  You are guided to plan carefully and contemplate before making a decision.  Take some time from the hustle and bustle of daily living to think and plan.  If you need advice, confide in someone that you trust.   Your self awareness and self knowing will prove useful in achieving greater wisdom and understanding. This card is especially appropriate if you are  wondering which path or direction to take in life, because you’ll soon be able to reach a satisfying conclusion and things will become much better.  It is important to  stand back from the situation, keep an open mind and consider all your options.  The Hermit may also be gently reminding you that you don’t yet know all the facts – perhaps a new aspect of a current situation will soon be revealed.  

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