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Tarot Message for the week of 9 June 2021
Temperance – It’s a matter of give and take
There are times in life when we can go with the flow and let the currents of life guide us, and other times when we have to get that paddle out and row as fast as we can.
If you’ve been going with the flow recently, it may be time to take life in your hands and make things happen. What do you need to change about a situation and how can you go about bringing about transformation in areas that have been chugging along way too slowly. ?
Many of us seem to be  a state of flux and indecision at the moment, and the more we ponder on things, the more we start to feel stuck within our own dilemmas. No matter which way you choose, this is the time to make some sort of a decision either way. Otherwise you’ll find yourself feel even more stagnant right now.  Look out for the signs that life is offering you. If something isn’t working then don’t try to force the issue. Rather look for new solutions to your existing problems. You may even need to retrace your steps and start again in order to get things moving. 
The supporting card for this reading is 
Temperance is shown as a winged figure standing outdoors pouring water from a pitcher held in her right hand to the one on her left.  The word temperance in this card means to combine ingredients to the correct proportions thus  creating harmony and balance.  Temperance indicates a need for balance. In a conflict situation you are guided that compromise and the ability to understand both sides of an argument will win the day.  It can also be the card of good health on all levels, including spiritual, physical and emotional.   This card can herald a time of harmonious relationships as well as peace and harmony in your life.   You may also need to come to terms with the past in some way so that you can have a happier or more fulfilling future.  If you have been extravagant  in your spending, it may be better to adopt a more prudent approach for the moment.   If your life has been a struggle, then this card says that the difficult phase will end soon.  

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