Tarot reading for week of 26 June to 3 July 2017

Change doesn’t always have to be viewed with trepidation or fear. At times when we feel a bit stuck and find ourselves in a comfort zone, the universe offers a lending hand and brings about the change that we’ve been avoiding for some time. For instance, someone who is in a dead end job that they don’t like, suddenly gets retrenched. They may have been complaining for some time how they want to find something new, but just never took that step to put themselves back into the job market. Wake up calls like this can lead us to find a whole new career or even take a sabbatical of spiritual growth and expansion. These situations can in themselves put us in a space of fear because we don’t know how we are going to support ourselves and our families, but it gives us an opportunity to take a hard look at life and where we are doing our soul/spirit a disservice.  Our spirit knows exactly what we need to grow and flourish and if we don’t listen to the messages it will direct us onto a new path that is more conducive to our life path and soul purpose.  When we look back a few years later, we can actually see the bigger picture and how these events have shaped our lives in a positive way.

Are you in a situation that is more of a burden than a growth opportunity? It may be time to take a good look at where you are going and why you are holding yourself back. When we become part of the flow of the universe then everything fall into place with the greatest of ease, and I am sure that you have noticed that when you have gone through certain shifts in your life.

There’s a time to wait to be taken by the waves of destiny and there’s a time to be proactive and take the lead in the currents of life. Regular check ins and assessments of your life will help you to decide which option to take. If your body is complaining by displaying aches and pains or you are always feeling anxious, look within and ask what it is that you need right now. You can even ask your Angels to offer you the guidance you need. The answers are waiting. You just need to be willing to listen.

The supporting card for this reading is :

The Tower

The Tower represents those dramatic or often terrifying experiences  in our lives  that force us to wake up  and face reality  and respond to a situation.  This card is the embodiment of upheaval, chaos and sudden realization.   You are encouraged to understand that this disruption can have a positive outcome as it may have been necessary to push your life to the next stage and force you into a new direction which you never dreamed was possible. You will also find that you are pleased with the way that you have coped with your situation, once the dust has settled.   This card can also mean that you may discover the truth about someone.  You may uncover another side to their personality which is rather unpleasant, resulting in a breaking of your ties with them.  Even though this news can be quite upsetting at the time, you will eventually realize that you have had a lucky escape from an unhealthy relationship.   

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