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Tarot Message for the week of 14 November to 21 November 2022
Unfulfilled expectations! Expectations are resentments waiting to happen – Brene Brown
How many times a day do you have expectations of yourself or others that you just cannot fulfil? You expect a partner to do something for you and they let you down or you have a list a mile long for the day that you have to finish and can’t complete.
Expectations don’t give us the opportunity to live in the present moment but they continuously put us in a space in the future that we cannot reach, because as we get to that point of where we come to that point in time where the expectation was supposed to be met, we feel unfulfilled and so we either go into self-admonishment or anger towards that person who did not do what we asked of them. We look back at our past and what we expected our parents, siblings, friends and lives to be and weren’t and this also leads to blame and further regret because we didn’t achieve what we set out to do.
And then there are the expectations that others have of us that we may not have fulfilled for them for various reasons and that guilt that surrounds those experiences.
An expectation is an attachment to a situation and a desire for a perceived outcome that may or may not manifest in life.  Expectations have a positive role too in that when we go to a restaurant we expect to be seated and served and have the meal that we choose from the menu.
When expectations are too high or are linked to control, then they can create havoc in our lives and prevent us from truly enjoying what we have in the present moment.
Try setting the expectation of having a great day when you wake up and achieving your goals but at the same time, letting them go so that you can in the meantime focus on what you are doing in the present moment. Have you noticed that when you are doing something that you truly love, that everything else falls away and your focus is solely on that experience? Nothing else matters as you are in that very moment of life and living.
Imagine letting go of expectations of someone once you have requested what you want from them and giving them the responsibility of getting on with what they need to? Feels a bit scary? Does it give a sense of loss of control for you? We only have so much control over the world around us, but its up to us to let go of habits, patterns, thoughts and beliefs that may keep us trapped in the past or the future. Goals are important, but holding onto them too tightly so that life doesn’t become a pleasure anymore causes an entrapment.
The supporting card for this reading is:
The Devil may generally be feared as the embodiment of evil, but fortunately in this case one need not be concerned by these connotations.  Although this card may refer to many situations it most often refers to a relationship which may have become negative or destructive.  It could be about being enslaved to something or someone for example an idea, way of life, unsatisfactory job, bad habit or self destructive attitude.  It represents a trap, but this is of your own making and you can get out of it if you choose to.  It may not be easy, but once you can break the psychological or emotional chains and believe in yourself , you can become more empowered and create a more favourable outcome for yourself.  More positively, this card can mean that you are gaining control of your life and have a better awareness of your weaknesses.   If a marriage or commitment to a relationship is under consideration then this card is a good omen.
Yvonne De Bruin
Psychic Mentor and Coach

A Brief Biography of Yvonne De Bruin
Yvonne has studied Psychology to honours level. She is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner & has a Masters in both Erickson Hypnosis and NLP and Health. She has completed courses in trauma and bereavement counselling as well as a number of personal empowerment and divinatory workshops. Yvonne has studied and practiced Reiki, Belvaspata Healing, Access Bars and Transformational Healing Massage. She has combined her years of experience with the knowledge that she has built up through study and research and now offers spiritual counselling and coaching by email or on a one on one basis to those who need personal guidance. She is also the founder of the website www.spiritualworld.co.za which has successfully been running for the past 20 years and has provided information to those who want to learn about complementary health and healing

Yvonne De Bruin
Psychic Coach and Mentor

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