Tarot reading for the week of 16 April to 23 April 2018

Are you playing the same old record over and over again?

This week is about becoming aware of all the same patterns in your life that you play over and over. You’re playing the same old toon, and at some point the needle has become stuck in a groove that leads to the same old situations and experiences being repeated in your life. You may be attracting the same type of people into your life at all times which result in playing the victim or martyr which in turn results in fulfilling a belief about yourself that you’re just not good enough or that you don’t deserve the best. It begins to play havoc with your sense of self worth that you eventually feel that this is all there is. The same applies to diets that one keeps going on because the weight doesn’t want to shed or unhealthy lifestyle habits that we indulge in which are all part of the negative groove and beliefs that we have set up for ourselves. 

It’s time to change the tune and the record and start a whole new song in your life!! Again as I always say its all about checking into your life and having awareness about what is going on around you and within you. Your body and spirit will give you the signals of what is going on and whether you are flowing with the energies or getting caught up in the undercurrent. 

On a general note, Mercury is going retrograde on the 15th of April, so delays of the last while will be over. A new cycle approaches which brings with it new creative ideas and talents. Is there something that you want to start or design or create, but you don’t have the money to get started or you feel you’re not good enough?  You are guided to take steps to get involved in this creative endeavour anyway. Don’t allow obstacles in your way to stop you from a whole new growth experience. 

Certain matters will come to a head and you can finally resolve them. These may involve friendships, personal relationships, or even work related issues. If you do have to walk away then you will feel absolutely at ease with the consequences of this experience. 

That perfect job that you’ve been looking for or waiting to hear about is finally waiting at your doorstep. Grab it with everything you’ve got because it brings wonderful opportunities for career growth and learning new skills. 

And last but not least, maintain a balance in all areas of your life. If you’re working too hard or playing to hard you’ll feel the consequences of your actions. A good balance within all areas of your life will result in being more centred and grounded in your world, and being able to make wiser choices. 

The supporting card for this reading is:

When the Judgement card is drawn it means that a phase is coming to an end which requires coming to terms with the past and preparing for a new future and new beginnings.   This card represents change and the prospect of new things happening, or a change of position in your life.   There is an experience of rejuvenation attached to the situation and there may be a new relationship, career or home.  If an actual legal situation is involved, then the outcome is favourable.  You are urged to put the mistakes of the past behind you and be ready and will to start afresh.  With this atonement for past mistakes, we can move forward and feel cleansed, in a sense reborn.  If you are bearing a grudge or feeling bitter about something in the past, it may be time to forgive.   This card can also mean the end of an era so that you can take stock of where you stand, congratulate yourself for past efforts and look eagerly into the future.  If you are working on a project, your efforts will be well rewarded.   

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